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Resort/Hotel Packages

Social Media  Ad: Video and Photos 

30 Sec - 1 Min Video

We create short videos used for social media and social media paid campaigns.

We capture the videos and professionally edit the them to run on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 


Highlight Video

3-5 Min Cinematic Video 

We showcase to travelers all you have to offer! Your property, accommodations, activities, culinary/food, amenities, spa and anything else you have to offer. 

We capture the footage and professionally edit the video into an emotional & information-packed video.


Elite Combo

The Ultimate Package

The Elite Combo is everything we offer into one low priced offer. We can customize this offer to your choosing.

  • 30 Sec - 1 Min Social Media advertising videos

  • Professional Photos

  • 3-5 Min Highlight Video


Complete Custom Resort Video Package? Contact us!

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